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Event Filmmaker . Director . Photographer

My name is Luke McDonald.  I'm a videographer and a photographer. I focus on promotions for Real Estate, business, and events. I was born to create which is why I created my own business based out of filming and directing, not to mention I have an eye for photography. I am a student based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico creating professional video content. I go to La Cueva high school and I play baseball and ultimate frisbee. Because I am still in high school and play sports I may only be available after 3:00 during the week, weekends, and over the summer. Reach out to me and we can find a good time for both of us. You may be asking yourself...why would I want to hire someone that is not available 24/7...I'll tell you it is because I create high-quality videos at half the price of my competitors.